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IT-competence test from Cisco Networking Academy

Check your knowledge about Computer Basics, Networks, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity.

Quickly evaluate your expertise and get a recommendation on how to improve your competences.

About eval-U

eval-U has been developed by Cisco to assess IT-skills in a realistic and objective way. The test includes 20 question from the areas computer basics, networks, Internet of Things and cybersecurity. After finishing each participant will receive a result document.

The IT-competence is structured in five levels. Based on the results of the test each participant receives a recommendation for a free of charge online course from the Cisco Networking Academy matching his personal know-how level.

eval-U is available in English, German, Arabic and Farsi/Dari.


How much you know about computers, networks, IoT and cybersecurity?

20 question and you will see.

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